Seladore — Since 1933

Seladore is a German admiral motorboat built in Travemünde in 1933. This historic vessel with a marvelous timeline is now

available for boat trips in St. Petersburg starting this season. Seladore will allow you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a true retro-journey. Introducing a vessel for those who appreciate history out of time, for lovers of classics and genuine aesthetes.
Year 1933
The launch of the commander boat. The German navy, for whom the project was designed, sought to have a water equivalent of a limousine that would emphasize the passengers' status. The motorboat initially had a Ford diesel engine and was made of riveted steel.
Year 1947
Year 2001
The trophy vessel arrived in Leningrad and was used for a long time as a training vessel at a local yacht club. After the original engine failed, it was decommissioned and left until better days.
The boat was restored by enthusiasts from one of the shipyards in St. Petersburg for use as a company's representative vessel.
The vessel was returned to St. Petersburg where found a new life. The boat was named Seladore — derived from the most beautiful-sounding phrase in the English language, according to J.R.R. Tolkien.
On its 70th anniversary, it was launched again. Later it was sold at an auction and used for personal purposes.
Year 2022
Year 2003
Red wood
Riveted steel
The steering wheel, horn, and flagpole are stylized in the classic 1930s style
New stationary engine and steering device
In detail
History moments
In the recent past, the boat has visited several locations around the world, including the most spectacular marinas of Montenegro and the French Riviera, and spent a long time moored in Estonia. Moreover, it has received local recognition and several awards at international exhibitions. Guests on board the cutter have included famous boxer Mike Tyson and the Taxi movie star Samy Naceri.
Tech. specifications
The long and narrow hull with a straight bow allows the cutter to be stable on the waves and have good maneuverability, providing maximum comfort in the waters of the Venice of the North which is another name of St. Petersburg.
8 metres
1.6 metres
0.6 metres
Max. speed
15 knots
Cruis. speed
8 knots
6 people
1.5 tonns
Launching the boat for the first time after its acquisition in 2022
From the deck of Seladore, you will be able to see the most secluded spots of St. Petersburg, hidden from the eyes of passers-by. We work with both individuals and legal entities. If you want to rent a cutter, please fill out the form below or contact us directly.
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